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Current Projects

Replanting with Native Species

Volunteers have have donated and planted over 30 large native trees and shrubs that are bird friendly and salt tolerant on the parcels owned by the Friends.


Trash and Garbage Removal 

Volunteers have removed over 100 trash bags of litter and debris including old fence, wire, junked boats and household appliances.


Improving Public Access 

The Friends have partnered with the Connetquot River Dingy Club to provide access to the River for sailors and non-motorized boats such as kayaks.


The Connetquot River Dingy Club Report November, 2019 :

Although the summer season was slow, our winter sailing program looks very promising. Our volunteers have cleaned up brush, gotten rid of most of the trash that was scattered all over the property, moved and raked out the 2 big dirt piles that we at the entrance, and mowed the grass on a regular basis. We just sailed our second week of the 2019-2020 winter season and our turnout was great. We had 7 boats racing the first week, but last week we had 13. We currently have 20 boats there and we are expecting about 6 more. One of the neighbors is keeping a kayak there and several others use the property on a regular basis to walk and bird-watch.

For more information please check out

Future Projects: Bird Watching Stations and Nature Walk


Healthy Wetlands at this location will help insure resiliency from future storms. 

The property is a key element to promote tourism as a resilient economic development strategy for Oakdale. 

Future elements include hiking and bicycle trail system linking Great River, Oakdale and West Sayville and a bicycle share operation on Town property located at the Oakdale railroad station.

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